Pod Bay One

Our one favourite sci-fi thing

In this very first episode, we each talk about our single favourite science-fiction thing. Prepare for Spaceballs, Star Trek, and even some good old fashioned literature.

Published on 3 December 2018

What better way to kick off a science-fiction podcast than by talking about our single most favourite science-fiction thing? But before we get to that, the team introduce themselves and talk briefly about recent books they’ve read.

Joshua Hall starts the discussion proper off by talking about Spaceballs, the classic 1987 Mel Brooks comedy that pokes fun at Star Wars, Star Trek, and loads of other popular sci-fi. This leads to a brief chat about science-fiction and parody – a topic we’ll have to revisit in the (near) future.

Josho Brouwers then decides that one thing is still one thing when it’s spread out across five decades. His favourite science-fiction thing? The premise behind Star Trek. You know, the whole “boldly going” part. What follows is a lively and slightly rambling discussion of all things Trek and various related topics.

Finally, Matthew Lloyd adds some sophistication to the proceedings by talking about his favourite science-fiction thing: the Centenal Cycle by Malka Older, and the first book in particular, Infomocracy. Aside from being well written, these books inadvertantly happen to be topical in this age of rampant populism.